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08 Jul 2016

What do you need to know when going for a boob job –


Don’t worry about the scarring

It will look worse at the start but it will calm and settle, the redness and swelling will reduce over time. It is important that you don't try to look at your scars by pulling up on your skin around the breast or by lifting your arms (especially if you have an armpit (Trans-Axillary) wound) because you risk bursting open your wounds. If the wound were to burst the scarring will be much worse as it will have to be re-stitched. If you do want or need to see how you are healing via the scar you will need to use a mirror, possibly 2. One in front of you and a handheld mirror so you don't have to try to lift or manoeuvre the breast around at all.



Rest - It sounds obvious i know, but so many people don’t listen to the doctors advise and start leading their life as normal a couple of days after their surgery. You must remember breast augmentation surgery is major surgery and should be treated like that! You wouldn't go out for a walk or go lift a heavy load of washing two days after having a hip replaced so why would you after having your breast altered. You here the saying what’s the worst that can happen all the time well the worst is your stitches can pop and your silicone gel implant can burst which will result in more surgery and expense.


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